Stony Brook Film Festival


Friday, JULY 24, 9:30 PM


East Coast Premiere—U.S.A.—89 minutes

Written and directed by Jordan Galland. With Jake Hoffman, Devon Aoki, John Ventimiglia, Kris Lemche, Ralph Macchio, Jeremy Sisto, Joey Kern and Waris Ahuwalia. Original score by Sean Lennon.



A vampire comedy about Julian Marsh (Jake Hoffman), an out-of-work Casanova who scores a break as the director of an off-Broadway play.  The play is actually a bizarre adaptation of  Hamlet, written by a master vampire. An amusing combination of low-brow humor and high-brow aesthetics, this witty film follows an eccentric cast of characters to explain the connection between Hamlet, the Holy Grail, and some very sexy vampires. Produced by Mike Landry and Carlos Velazquez.  Director of Photography: Christopher LaVasseur.   From C Plus Pictures.

Accompanying short film:


True Beauty This Night

New York Premiere—U.S.A.—10 minutes

Written and directed by Peter Besson.

Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life.  Now all he has to do is convince her she’s the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met.






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