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AT 8:00 PM






East Coast Premiere—Israel/U.K./France—110 minutes


Directed by Eran Riklis (Lemon Tree). Written by Nader Rizq.


With Stephen Dorff (Somewhere), Abdallah El Akal, Alice Taglioni, Loai Nofi.


In English, Arabic and Hebrew with subtitles.


Sometimes the only friend you have…is your enemy. Zaytoun (Arabic for “olive”) is a moving portrait of the tentative bond forged between an Israeli pilot and a young Palestinian refugee during the 1982 Lebanese War. Israeli pilot Yoni (Stephen Dorff) is shot down over Beirut and taken prisoner by inhabitants of a Palestinian refugee camp. Among the captors is ten-year-old Fahed. Zaytoun is a story of survival, reconciliation and friendship.


Produced by Gareth Unwin (The King’s Speech), Fred Ritzenberg. Edited by Hervé Schneid. Director of

Photography: Dan Laustsen DFF. Opening night premiere from Strand Releasing.





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AT 7:00 PM


The Blitz


U.S. Premiere—Netherlands—104 minutes


Directed by Ate de Jong. Screenplay by Ate de Jong, Paul Ruven.


With Jan Smit, Roos van Erkel, Monic Hendrickx, Mike Weerts.


In Dutch and German with subtitles.


Set in Rotterdam, May 1940, just days before

the Germans bombed the Netherlands, The Blitz

tells the story of Vincent, a poor, young amateur

boxer, and Eve, a young woman from Germany

who has agreed to marry a wealthy middle-aged

industrialist she does not love in order to save

her family. Vincent and Eve begin to fall in love

as the threat of war casts a shadow over their



Produced by San Fu Maltha, Paul Ruven (Don’t

Touch My Children), René Huybrechtse. Edited

by Herman P. Koerts. Director of Photography:

Gabor Szabo. A Fu Works & Talent United


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Iceland—7 minutes


A film by Karolina Lewicka.


A nine-year-old girl finds the courage to stand up

against bullies.




AT 9:30 PM 


A New York Heartbeat


World Premiere—U.S.A.—99 minutes


Directed and written by Tjardus Greidanus.


With Escher Holloway, Rachel Brosnahan, Eric

Roberts, Todd Julian, Rane Jameson, Barret

Hackney, Amadeo Fusca, Jack Donner, Eliza



Spider is a 17-year-old gang leader trying to

make a reputation for himself on the streets of

Brooklyn in 1959. But he finds he’s in way over

his head when he steals a suitcase of money

from a notorious gangster who wouldn’t think

twice about blowing away a punk hood if it

means getting his cash back.


Produced by Laura Davis, Hugh Aodh O’Brien

and Tjardus Greidanus. Edited by Edgar

Burcksen ACE and Tjardus Greidanus. Director

of Photography: Michal Dabal.

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East Coast Premiere—U.S.A.—18 minutes


A film by Alex Calleros.


When Adam wakes up in a childhood memory, he

figures he must be dreaming. But as his girlfriend,

Hannah, leads him deeper into his subconscious, he

begins to realize the truth.



AT 3:00 PM 


TWA Flight 800


Festival Premiere—U.S.A.—86 minutes


Directed by Kristina Borjesson.


With Tom Stalcup, Ph.D., Henry F. Hughes, Robert Young, James Speer.


Premium network EPIX presents a stunning American documentary having its Festival Premiere screening followed by a Q & A panel discussion with the filmmakers, Kristina Borjesson and Tom Stalcup. TWA Flight 800 presents the saga of the catastrophic crash off the south shore of Long Island on July 17, 1996. At the time, it was called "the largest aviation investigation in U.S. and world history.”  But it was also the most controversial.  Now, a team of insiders from that investigation comes forward in this feature documentary to uncover what really happened to TWA Flight 800. It is also the story of one extraordinary scientist, Tom Stalcup, who spent years fighting for access to documents and evidence. Thirteen years into his quest, several retired members of the official crash investigation joined him.  In TWA Flight 800, these former government insiders blow the whistle on their own investigation and spend two years helping the scientist uncover the truth. What follows is a story of intense personal journeys and a grand-scale exposé with breathtaking implications.


The producer/director of TWA Flight 800 is print and broadcast journalist Kristina Borjesson, who edited and contributed to the book, Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press, for which she won the National Press Club’s Arthur Rowse Award.  Jeff Segansky, entertainment industry veteran and former president of CBS Broadcasting is executive producer.  TWA Flight 800 is an EPIX Original Documentary with a premiere date on EPIX and on July 17, 2013.


Produced by Kristina Borjesson. Executive Producers: EPIX, Mark Greenberg, Jeff Sagansky. Edited by David Jakubovic. Director of Photography: Kevin Cloutier.



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AT 7:00 PM


My Beautiful Country


East Coast Premiere—

Serbia/Croatia/Germany—88 minutes


Written and directed by Michaela Kezele.


With Zrinka Cvitešić, Mišel Matičević, Andrija

Nikčević, Miloš Mesarović, Danica Ristovski,

Slavko Štimac.


In Serbian with subtitles.


During the civil war in Kosovo, the young

Serbian widow Danica takes care of Ramiz, a

Kosovo-Albanian soldier on the run from the

Serbian militia who, after being wounded in

battle, has sought refuge in her home on the

Serbian side of the River Ibar. As love slowly

blossoms between them, Ramiz begins to make

friends with Danica's two sons, each who has

been deeply affected by the recent loss of their

father at the hands of Albanians.


Produced by Gabriela Sperl. Edited by Andre

Bendocchi-Alves. Director of Photography: Felix

Novo De Oliveira. From Global Screen GmbH.

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U.S.A.—18 minutes


A film by Douglas J. Sloan.


The story underlying the most influential and

electrifying photograph to come out of the Vietnam

War–and how the picture transformed the lives of

Eddie Adams, who captured the moment on film, and

Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the man who pulled the trigger.



AT 9:30 PM 


One Small Hitch


U.S.A.—105 minutes


Directed by John Burgess. Written by Dode B.



With Shane McRae, Aubrey Dollar,

Daniel J. Travanti, Ron Dean, Robert Belushi,

Janet Ulrich Brooks, Mary Jo Faraci, Rebecca

Spence, Heidi Johanningmeier.


Molly is flying home to Chicago for her mother’s

wedding bringing a “Mystery Man” with her.

When she discovers this mystery man has a

mystery wife, she dumps him at the curbside

check-in. Her childhood friend Josh is headed to

the family wedding as well, and they innocently

agree to fake a wedding engagement to make

Josh’s dying father’s last wish come true. Things

quickly get out of hand with their two boisterous

families as they pretend to be a couple and

start planning a phony wedding.


Produced by Brett Henenberg and John Burgess.

Edited by Ryan Koscielniak. Director of

Photography: Tari Segal. A Principle

Entertainment Film from Curb Entertainment.


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New York Premiere—U.S.A.—8 minutes


A film by John Salcido.


An awkward dinner party reveals a startling truth

behind the identity of Hal’s new girlfriend.



AT 3:00 PM 


These Birds Walk


East Coast Premiere—Pakistan—71 minutes


Directed by Omar Mullick, Bassam Tariq.


In Pakistani (Urdu) with subtitles.


Filmed over nearly three years in Pakistan, this

documentary follows a high-spirited young boy

who lives in a house for runaways. Many of the

boys have fled from a rural home life for the

dangerous streets of Karachi. Attempting to

help is a young ambulance driver who works for

the dispatch center next to the runaways’ home,

risking his life to reunite these runaways with

their families. Hanging over both is the founder

of the orphanage, Abdul Sattar Edhi, the most

deeply revered philanthropist in Pakistan.

Simultaneously heart-wrenching and life-affirming,

These Birds Walk documents the struggles of these wayward street children and the Samaritans looking out for them in this ethereal and inspirational story of resilience.


Produced by Bassam Tariq, Sonejuhi Sinha,

Valentina Canavesio. Edited by Sonejuhi Sinha.

Director of Photography: Omar Mullick. From

Oscilloscope Laboratories.


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Netherlands—9 minutes


A film by Harrie Verbeek. In Dutch with subtitles.


When she hears that her boyfriend has been killed by

a tsunami, Anna’s world freezes as past, present and

future meet in a single moment of eternity.



AT 7:00 PM 




East Coast Premiere—Israel/Pakistan/France—

88 minutes


Directed by Hiam Abbass. Written by Hiam

Abbass, G.A. Wasi, Ala Hlehel, Nadine Naous.


With Hafsia Herzi, Hiam Abbass, Yussuf Abu-

Warda, Ali Suliman, Ashraf Barhom, Ruba Blal,

Clara Khoury, Makram Khoury, Khalifa Natour,

Tom Payne, G.A. Wasi.


In Hebrew, French, Arabic and English with subtitles.


A Palestinian family living in the north of Galilee

gathers to celebrate the wedding of one of their

daughters as war rages between Israel and

Lebanon. Internal conflicts explode within the

family as secrets are revealed and lies are

unmasked. Inheritance is Hiam Abbass’

directing debut following her acclaimed

performances in Lemon Tree and The Visitor.


Produced by Arik Bernstein, Nicolas Blanc, Ina

Fichman, Yariv Mozer. Edited by Guy Lecorne.

Director of Photography: Antoine Héberlé. An

Agat Alma and DEPO Film from Films



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New York Premiere—U.S.A.—18 minutes


A film by Spencer Gillis.


Roy and Karen, new parents living in suburbia, have

a terrifying break-in. Roy decides it’s time to

purchase a handgun for home defense.




AT 9:30 PM 


Everything Went Down


New York Premiere—U.S.A.—86 minutes


Directed and written by Dustin Morrow.


With Noah Drew and Kate Tucker.


Everything Went Down tells the story of a

grieving young college professor and the budding friendship he develops with a singer-songwriter struggling to make a name for herself as a musician. Filmed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and set to the songs of singer/songwriter Kate Tucker in her first starring role, this contemporary musical examines the nature of friendship, healing, and the power of art.


Produced by Dustin Morrow and Kacey Morrow.

Edited by Dustin Morrow. Director of Photography: Dustin Morrow. A Little Swan Pictures production.



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New York Premiere—Spain—14 minutes


A film by Josecho de Linares. In Spanish with subtitles.


As a child, Zurdo shared a special relationship with his

grandmother but they have lost contact. On the last day

of summer, Zurdo decides to visit her with the intuition

that he might not see her again.




AT 7:00 PM 


Allez, Eddy!


East Coast Premiere—Belgium—100 minutes


Directed and written by Gert Embrechts.


With Jelte Blommaert, Peter van den Begin, Barbara

Sarafian, Els Dottermans, Stefaan Degand,

Bruno Georis, Mathias Vergels, Frieda Pittoors.


In Dutch and French with subtitles.


Allez, Eddy! is a heart-warming comedy about

an 11-year old cycling enthusiast named Freddy,

son of a butcher in an idyllic village in

nowhere-land. Freddy’s isolated life is totally

disrupted when the first supermarket in the

village opens its doors in 1975 and a cycling

race is announced as an opening event. The

winner of the race will meet world famous

cyclist Eddy Merckx. But since the supermarket

is the enemy of the local shopkeepers and, in

particular, of his own father, Freddy is obliged to

enter the race in secret.


Produced by Jacqueline de Goeij. Edited by Els

Voorspoels. Director of Photography: Bert Pot.

From Global Screen GmbH.


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Netherlands—10 minutes.


A film by Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab. In Dutch with subtitles.


A surgeon recalls a vivid childhood memory—about

tough love and her rabbit.




AT 9:15 PM


Manhunt (Oblawa)


East Coast Premiere—Poland—96 minutes


Written and directed by Marcin Krzysztalowicz.


With Marcin Dorocinski, Weronika Rosati, Maciej

Stuhr, Sonia Bohosiewicz.


In Polish with subtitles.


A Polish forest, autumn 1943. A small sabotage

team of the Resistance, ridden with disease and

hunger, awaits a call to action. Their task is to

capture and kill Nazis and their sympathizers.

They are partisans devoted to special ops, only

they are in need of some special operations

themselves. An intense wartime drama told in

a uniquely retrospective manner through the

stories of the main characters, all with links to

each other, links that are strong and intricate in

a harrowing tale of betrayal, revenge, morality,

guilt, punishment, honor and loyalty.


Produced by Malgorzata Jurczak, Krzysztof

Gredzinski. Edited by Wojciech Mrowczynski,

PSM and Adam Kwiatek, PSM. Director of

Photography: Arkadiusz Tomiak PSC. A Skorpion

Arte Production from Attraction Distribution.


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New York Premiere—Switzerland—15 minutes


A film by Arnaud Baur. In French with subtitles.


In this mysterious ghost story, a man takes a trip

down the rabbit hole after he picks up a young

hitchhiker named Marie, dressed all in white.





AT 7:00 PM 




East Coast Premiere—Turkey—100 minutes


Written and directed by Pelin Esmer.


With Olgun Simsek and Nilay Erdonmez.


In Turkish with subtitles.


Haunted by a tragic incident, Nihat has isolated

himself by becoming a fire warden in a remote

observation tower far out in the wilderness.

Seher lives in a makeshift room at a rural bus

station, and she has taken a job as a bus

hostess to escape her own traumatic past.

Destined to come to a crossroads, they go about

their solitary lives until their fates collide.


Produced by Tolga Esmer, Nida Karabol Akdeniz,

Pelin Esmer. Edited by Ayhan Ergursel and Pelin

Esmer. Director of Photography: Ozgur Eken.

From Film Movement.


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New York Premiere—Germany—18 minutes.


A film by Christoph Schuler. In German with subtitles.


Upon returning home to Germany after a tour of duty

in Afghanistan, a soldier tries to adjust to civilian





AT 9:15 PM 


The Weekend


New York Premiere—Germany—98 minutes


Directed by Nina Grosse. Written by Nina Grosse

based on the novel by Bernhard Schlink.


With Katja Riemann, Sebastian Koch, Tobias Moretti,

Barbara Auer, Sylvester Groth, Robert Gwisdek,

Elisa Schlott.


In German with subtitles.


After being released from prison, former RAF

terrorist Jens Kessler spends his first weekend

in freedom with friends from the past; among

them are his former lover Inga and her

husband. As the tension mounts, it takes only

one spark to trigger an eruption of hostility.


Produced by Nina Maag, Nico Hofmann, Thomas

Peter Friedl. Edited by Mona Bräuer, Adrian

Tetzlaff. Director of Photography: Benedict

Neuenfels. A UFA Cinema Berlin Production from

Global Screen GmbH.


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Ireland—8 minutes


A film by Fred Burdy. In English and Irish.


In this animated film a woman forces a Banshee to

guide her to the Celtic realm of Death to bring her

husband back to life.




AT 7:00 PM 


Soft Gun


U.S. Premiere—Canada/United States—78 minutes


Written and directed by Alexandra Bégin, Guillaume

Collin and Jesse Kray.


With Alexandra Bégin and Jesse Kray.


In English and French with subtitles.


Alex decides to hit the road and drives straight to

Atlanta to her cousin Jesse’s house. They haven’t

seen each other for eight years but were once

inseparable. It is the memory of that bond that gets

Jesse to agree to a road trip. They have no plan, no

itinerary, no destination, just a desire to explore.

Soft Gun was created by University students

looking for a summer project. Securing a modest

budget, the crew of seven young filmmakers

created a highly original story.


Produced by Alexandra Bégin, Charles-André

Coderre, Guillaume Collin, Daniel Dietzel, Jesse

Kray, Michael Massicotte, Isabelle Statchtchenko

Sirois, Dejan Pavlovic. Edited by Daniel Dietzel.

Director of Photography: Isabelle Stachtchenko

Sirois. An Arpent Films production.


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U.S.A.—17 minutes


A film by Justin Plummer III and Martin Strauss.


When the nascent romance between a mid-twentieth

century repair shop owner and his charming young

customer falters, he struggles to find a solution for

his most daunting task—repairing himself.




AT 9:30 PM


The Tower


U.S. Premiere—Germany—115 minutes


Directed by Christian Schwochow. Written by

Thomas Kirchner, based on the novel written by Uwe



With Jan Josef Liefers (Simon and the Oaks), Sebastian Urzendowsky (Berlin ’36), Claudia

Michelsen, Nadja Uhl.


In German with subtitles.


As communist East Germany begins its final

decade, the cracks in the facade of its police state

can no longer be ignored. The shy son of a

physician wants to become a doctor but struggles

to meet his father’s rigorous demands. Meanwhile

his father has been having an affair with a

colleague for several years. The family struggle

deepens after the Secret Police try to force the

father to be an informant, the son runs afoul of the

authorities and enlists in the Army, and his mother

becomes a political activist.


Produced by Matthias Adler, Benjamin Benedict and

Nico Hofmann. Edited by Jens Klüber. Director of

Photography: Frank Lamm. From Music Box Films.


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U.S. Premiere—Italy—18 minutes


A film by Donatella Altieri. In Italian with subtitles.


A mystical vignette set in the Italian countryside in

which an old man copes with his memories as he

makes new friendships and rekindles old ones.




AT 7:00 PM




New York Premiere—U.S.A.—90 minutes


Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. Written by

Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Eli Despres.


Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, an orca that

performed at Sea World, and the trainers who

worked with him. With shocking footage and

emotional interviews, this documentary explores

the creature’s extraordinary nature, the cruel

treatment of the species in captivity, the lives

and losses of the trainers. A riveting exposé

about the pressures brought to bear by the

multibillion dollar sea-park industry.


Produced by Manuel V. Oteyza. Edited by Eli

Despres. Director of Photography: Jonathan

Ingalls, Christopher Towey. From Magnolia



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AT 9:15 PM 


Muscle Shoals


New York Premiere—U.S.A.—111 minutes


Directed and written by Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier.


With Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger, Alicia Keys,

Bono, John Paul White, Gregg Allman, Keith

Richards, Steve Winwood, Jimmy Cliff, Rick Hall.


Muscle Shoals is a small Alabama town on the

Tennessee River—an unlikely breeding ground

for some of America’s most creative music. At

its heart is Rick Hall, the founder of FAME

Studios, who put together a recording studio

and a house band (The Swampers).

Overcoming poverty and personal tragedy, he

brought black and white together in Alabama’s

cauldron of racial hostility to create music for

the generations while giving birth to the

Muscle Shoals sound.


Among the tracks created there are “I’ll Take

You There,” “Brown Sugar,” “Wild Horses,”

“When a Man Loves a Woman,” “I Never Loved

a Man the Way That I Loved You,” “Mustang

Sally,” “Tell Mama,” “Kodachrome,” and



Produced by Stephen Badger, Greg ‘Freddy'

Camalier. Edited by Richard Lowe. Director of

Photography: Anthony Arendt. From Magnolia



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In this documentary, legendary

artists including Aretha

Franklin, Greg Allman, Bono,

Clarence Carter, Jimmy Cliff,

Etta James, Alicia Keys, Wilson

Pickett, Keith Richards, Percy

Sledge, Steve Winwood and

others bear witness to Muscle

Shoals’ magnetism, mystery,

and influence.





AT 7:00 PM 


Deep Powder


U.S.A.—91 minutes


Directed by Mo Ogrodnik. Written by Mo

Ogrodnik and Matt Barden.


With Shiloh Fernandez, Haley Bennett, John Magaro, Colby  Minifie, Josh Salatin, Logan Miller, Dana

Eskelson, Amanda Mason Warren.


Privileged and reckless boarding school senior

Natasha Tabor (Haley Bennet) is a member of

her school’s exclusive ski club—a front for a

secret society. When she is tapped to make the

annual drug run to Ecuador, she chooses a

working-class local boy and aspiring hockey

player (Shiloh Fernandez) as her partner in

crime. Inspired by true events from the early

’80s. Deep Powder is a riveting story of

tenderness and suspense.


Produced by Pamela Koffler, Christine Vachon,

Gwen Bialic, Ben Howe. Edited by Agnes

Grandits, Joe Klotz. Director of Photography:

Michael Simmonds. A Killer Films Production.

From Vuguru.


Deep Powder is a riveting story of

tenderness and suspense.




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The Stony Brook Film Festival honors legendary producer and indie film powerhouse Christine Vachon of Killer Films prior to the

screening of her film, Deep Powder.


Christine Vachon has produced over seventy films in less than twenty years—seven features in the last year alone—including At Any Price (Zac Efron, Dennis Quaid), Kill Your Darlings (Daniel Radcliffe), and Deep Powder, with director Mo Ogrodnik. Vachon’s filmography includes such notables as Far from Heaven (four Academy Award nominations), Kids (Chloe Sevigny), Boys Don’t Cry (Chloe Sevigny and Academy Award Winner Hilary Swank), Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Sundance Film Festival), I Shot Andy Warhol (Lili Taylor), I’m Not There (Cate Blanchette), and recently the HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce (Kate Winslet).


Ms. Vachon has been a Jury Member for many film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. She has been awarded an Emmy, the National Board of Review Producers Award, and the New York Film Critics Circle Award, among others.


Christine Vachon recently joined the Stony Brook Southampton's Arts faculty to establish an innovative, cutting edge graduate program in film that will, Vachon says, “reflect the reality of film today." This summer Prof. Vachon leads the inaugural offering of Stony Brook Southampton's new scholarship program:

`20/20/20' - 20 filmmakers, 20 days, 20 films.





AT 9:30 PM 


The Wait


East Coast Premiere—U.S.A.—96 minutes


Written and directed by M Blash (Lying).


With Jena Malone (Pride and Prejudice, The Hunger

Games: Catching Fire), Chloë Sevigny

(American Psycho, Boys Don’t Cry), Luke Grimes

(Taken 2), Devon Gearhart, Michael O'Keefe,

Josh Hamilton.


While local residents in Oregon are focused on a

slowly spreading forest fire, two sisters decide

to keep their deceased mother in their home

after being informed that she will come back to

life. A discordant struggle between the sisters

plays out in a world where the virtual and real



Produced by Neil Kopp, Ryan Crisman, Riel Roch

Decter, David Guy Levy. Edited by Justin Kelly,

Jessica Brunetto. Director of Photography:

Kasper Tuxen. An Essentia, Olympus Pictures,

Sammy Films Production. From Visit Films.


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“An unusual film, with a complex and layered

aesthetic…grounded by a beautiful script in which the

actors convincingly portray a very real and mournful

time in their lives.”





AT 8:30 PM 




Two Lives


East Coast Premiere—Norway/Germany—97 minutes


Directed by Georg Maas. Written by Georg Maas, Christoph Tölle, Ståle Stein Berg & Judith Kaufmann.


With Liv Ullmann, Dennis Storhøi, Ken Duken, Juliane Köhler, Rainer Bock.


In Norwegian, German and English with subtitles.


Katrine is a war child; the result of a relationship between a Norwegian woman and a German soldier during World War II. Though raised in East Germany, she has been living in Norway for the last 20 years with her family. When a lawyer asks her to be a witness in a trial on behalf of war children, she resists, and a web of secrets is gradually unveiled.


Produced by Axel Helgeland, Rudi Teichmann, Dieter Zeppenfeld. Edited by Hansjörg Weißbrich. Director of Photography: Judith Kaufmann. A Zinnober Film-und Fernsehproduktion, B&T Film, Helgeland Film, ApolloMedia, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Film Fund FUZZ, ARD Degeto Film. Closing Night Premiere from Beta Cinema.





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