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Friday, July 22 • 7:00 pm


The Father and the Bear


World Premiere - United States - 85 minutes

Written and directed by John Putch.

With Wil Love (Route 30), David DeLuise (Route 30, Mojave Phone Booth), Dendrie Taylor (The Fighter), Charity Farrell, Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager), Alicia Fusting, Catherine Blane, Carl Schurr, Kevin Horton, Katrina Yaukey, Jamie Rose.


Director John Putch (Pursuit of Happiness, Mojave Phone Booth, Route 30) returns to the Stony Brook Film Festival for the fourth time with the World Premiere of his latest feature The Father and the Bear. A retired character actor with diagnosed dementia (WIL LOVE), longs to perform at his beloved summer theater one last time.  Against his daughter’s wishes (DENDRIE TAYLOR), he accepts a role from the newly installed artistic director (DAVID DeLUISE) who is unaware of the man’s condition.

Produced by John Putch.

Edited by John Putch. Director of Photography: Keith J. Duggan.

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Italian Miracle


East Coast Premiere - Italy, United

Kingdom - 10 min

A film by Francesco Gabriele

In Italian and English with subtitles



In a small Italian village, Antonio translates the confession of an English-speaking woman to the local priest…kind of.


Friday, July 22 • 9:15 pm


Ma Ma


Spain, France - 111 min

Written and directed by Julio Medem.

With Penélope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Volver), Luis Tosar, Asier Etxeandia.

In Spanish with subtitles


Actress Penélope Cruz teams up with Sex & Lucia filmmaker Julio Medem to give one of the best performances of her career. As Magda, Cruz plays a newly single mother who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer when she meets a devoted husband and father who is suffering through his own unspeakable loss. In the midst of hear tbreak and uncertainty, Magda shines with a brilliance that inspires all those around her.


Produced by Penélope Cruz and Julio Medem. Edited by Iván Aledo and Julio Medem. Director of Photography: Kiko de la Rica. From Backup Media, Ma Ma Películas AIE, Mare Nostrum Productions, Morena Films, Movistar+, TVE. An Oscilloscope Pictures release.


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Spain - 20 min

In English and Spanish with subtitles

A film by Bernabé Rico


Martin is finished, professionally and personally, when he is offered a large sum to accompany a 5-year-old boy to a costume contest at an amusement park.

Saturday, July 23 • 5:00 pm


The Blind Boys of Alabama

How Sweet the Sound


United States - 89 min

Directed by Leslis McCleave


The Blind Boys of Alabama met in the 1930s at a segregated state-run vocational school for the Deaf and Blind before going on to become one of the greatest Gospel quartets of all time. Combining footage shot over ten years with current and archival performances, this film examines the past, present and future of the group. With a soundtrack for the ages, this is the first and only documentary about this legendary gospel group.


Produced by Leslie McCleave. Edited by Ed Norris, Yvette Torell. Director of Photography: Teo Maniaci, Ismael Ramirez.


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Saturday, July 23 • 7:00 pm


Between Sea and Land


Columbia - 98 min

Director: Manolo Cruz

Co-director: Carlos del Castillo.

Written by Manolo Cruz.  With Manolo Cruz, Vicky Hernández, and Viviana Serna.

In Spanish with subtitles


A man yearns to go in the ocean across the street from his house, but suffers from an illness that prevents him from doing so. This absorbing journey into the lives of those who live off Colombia’s Caribbean coast boasts an incredible performance by the film’s writer, Manolo Cruz, as the young man with a debilitating neurological disorder. A haunting and original story you’ll not see anywhere else.


Produced by Manolo Cruz, Carlos del Castillo, Robespierre Rodriguez. Edited by German Duarte. Director of Photography: Robespierre Rodriguez. From Mago Films, Photogroup Films, and Scarlett Cinema. A Global Screen Film.


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The Last Words


East Coast Premiere

United Sates - 19 min

A film by Keegan Mullin


David, who suffered as the only deaf member in his family, must speak for the first time since childhood to say goodbye to his dying mother.


Saturday, July 23 • 9:30 pm


After the Reality


East Coast Premiere - United States - 85 min

Written and directed by David Anderson.

With Matthew Morrison (Glee, The Good Wife), Sarah Chalke (Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother), Jane Lynch (Glee, Role Models), John Heard (Home Alone, After Hours).


Scottie is a contestant on a Bachelorette style reality show called Young Bucks. After the sudden death of his father, he is forced to quit the series prematurely and reunite with his estranged sister, Kate. Meanwhile, Kate is grappling with her own life-changing secret. A funny, poignant story about loss, reality shows, and the bond between a brother and a sister.


Produced by David Anderson, Alexander Koehne. Edited by Jordan Harris. Director of Photography: Dominique Martinez. From USofAnderson


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New York Premiere

United Sates - 18 min

A film by Matthew Gentile


When a rock star begins to lose his hearing, his personal and professional lives begin to unravel.


Sunday, July 24 • 6:00 pm




U.S. Premiere - Israel - 41 min

Directed by Dalit Kimor.

Written by Anat Barzilai.

With Raida Adon, Uri Gavriel, Doron Amit.

In Arabic and Hebrew with subtitles


Is Samira a loving, law-abiding housewife, or a ruthless suicide bomber? What could cause a wife and mother to attempt to blow herself up in a café full of innocent people? As the police investigation slowly unravels her life, the motives behind such a desperate act come into focus. A startling glimpse into the mind of a female terrorist.

Produced by Riki Shelach. Edited by Shimon Spektor. Director of Photography: Yoram Millo.


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Sunday, July 24 • 7:00 pm


Love and Taxes


United States - 98 min

Directed by Jacob Kornbluth.

Written by Josh Kornbluth. With Josh Kornbluth, Helen Shumaker, Sarah Overman, Anthony Nemirovsky, and Robert Reich.


Love & Taxes follows the possibly real-life exploits of Josh Kornbluth. Despite working for a high-powered tax attorney, Josh hasn’t filed his taxes in seven years, perferring to live outside the system. When his boss persuades him to change his ways, things go mysteriously well for him. A blend of solo performance and scripted scenes that brings Kornbluth’s story to life, in the first ever pro-tax romantic comedy.


Produced by Jacob Kornbluth, Josh Kornbluth, Brian Newman, and Raub Shapiro. Edited by Lisa Fruchtman. Director of Photography: Hiro Narita. From Bad Co. Films.


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Jewish Blind Date


Switzerland - 16 min

In Frenchg with subtitles

A film by Anaelle Morf


Unhappy in love, Mary Lou decides to reconnect with her religious roots by marrying a practicing Jew.


Sunday, July 24 • 9:15 pm




U.S. Premiere - Finland, Ireland - 92 min

Directed by Petri Kotwica. Written by

Petri Kotwica, Johanna Hartikainen.

With Laura Birn (A Walk Among the Tombstones), Mari Rantasila, and Eero Aho.

In Finnish with subtitles


Kiia and Lauri speed down a dark country road as Kiia goes into premature labor. When their car hits something, Lauri investigates but tells his wife he saw nothing. While recovering, Kiia meets Hanna, whose husband is the victim of a hit-and-run driver. A suspenseful thriller that wrestles with themes of guilt and forgiveness.


Produced by Minna Virtanen. Edited by Isobel Stephenson. Director of Photography: Harri Räty. A Vertigo Production and Newgrange Pictures Film. From Media Luna New Films.


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Moving in Circles


U.S. Premiere –

Russia - 15 min

In Russian with subtitles

A film by Maxim Dashkin.


Maria lives with her husband at the military base, but dreams of getting out from their cramped living conditions.

Monday, July 25 • 7:00 pm




New York Premiere - United States - 70 min

Written and directed by Delaney Ruston.


Young people spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on cell phones, computers and other devices, and that doesn't include the time they use screens for school and homework. How can parents help their kids find a healthy balance between social media, video games, academics and the internet, especially when they have to struggle with the same issues themselves? Filmed by Dr. Delaney Ruston, local physician and mother of two, this fascinating documentary explores the question of how much screen time is too much.


Produced by Delaney Ruston and Scilla Andreen. Edited by Eric Dugger. Director of Photography: Geoff Schaaf. A MyDOC Productions film. From Indieflix.


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Beautiful Dreamer


United States - 26 min

A film by David Gaddie.


Facing a terminal disease, a mother uses space travel and relativity to stretch her last years over the lifetime of her daughter.

Monday, July 25 • 9:30 pm


Sum of Histories


U.S. Premiere – Belgium - 86 min

Written and directed by Lukas Bossuyt.

With Koen De Graeve, Karina Smulders (Don't Touch My Children, Bride Flight), Matteo Simoni, Robrecht Vanden Thoren.

In Dutch with subtitles


What would you do if you could change the past? Viktor lives happily with his wife Lena, despite a tragic accident during their youth that left her unable to walk. When a groundbreaking discovery gives him the ability to send emails back in time, Viktor’s desire to change Lena’s fate proves too tempting for him to ignore. But can any change to the past, no matter how small, be without risks?


Produced by Frank Van Passel, Ivy Vanhaecke. Edited by Philippe Ravoet. Director of Photography: Stijn Van der Veken. A Pupkin Film and Caviar Content Film. From Media Luna New Films.


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Till Jail Do Us Part


Puerto Rico - 14 min

In Spanish with subtitles

A film by Mariana Emmanuelli and Joserro Emmanuelli.


A criminal couple kidnaps a cunning priest so they can be married before they are taken in by the police.

Tuesday, July 26 • 7:00 pm


No Pay, Nudity


World Premiere - United States - 92 min

Directed by Lee Wilkof. Written by Ethan Sandler. With Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, Miller’s Crossing), Nathan Lane (The Producers, The Birdcage), Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under, The Aviator), Boyd Gaines and Jon Michael Hill (Elementary).


A film about about hanging out, hanging in, and hanging on. Gabriel Byrne, playing comically against type, portrays aging actor Lester Rosenthal, a man who has lost his way with his career, his family, and his friends. A hilarious Nathan Lane, along with Frances Conroy and Boyd Gaines, portray his fellow thespians, all waiting for the right role to come along as they hang out in the Actors Equity lobby.


Produced by Tani Cohen. Edited by Sylvia Waliga. Director of Photography: Brian Lannin. From A Day in the Life Films, and Waistband Pictures.


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Gas Regulator


U.S. Premiere - Iran - 8 minutes

In Persian with subtitles

A film by Hosein Darabi.


A Gas Regulator is installed in an unfortunate location of the sidewalk on a busy street, leading to very different responses.

Tuesday, July 26 • 9:30 pm


The Dust Storm


East Coast Premiere - United States - 96 min

Directed by Anthony Baldino and Ryan Lacen.

Written by Ryan Lacen. With Colin O'Donoghue (Once Upon a Time), Kristen Gutoskie (Containment).


After giving up his career in music, Brennan finds himself working a job that is slowly destroying his soul. While on a business trip in Nashville, he runs into Nora, the very broken woman who crushed his heart years ago. For one weekend they will struggle to resurrect their lost relationship against the intoxicating world of the city’s music scene. A very indie, psuedo-musical from the heartland.


Produced by Anthony Baldino, Ryan Lacen, Sonja Mereu and Shannon E. Riggs. Edited by Ben La Marca. Director of Photography: Tim Sutherland. From Normal and Circa 1888.


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New York Premiere - Canada - 16 min

A film by Sherren Lee.


Sixth months into a dual surrogate pregnancy between two gay couples, one baby dies in utero, forcing an impossible decision.

Wednesday, July 27 • 7:00 pm


The Fencer (Miekkailij)


East Coast Premiere - Finland, Estonia, Germany - 93 min

Directed by Klaus Härö. Written by Anna Heinämaa.

With Mart Avandi, Ursula Ratasepp, Lembit Ulfsak, Liisa Koppel, Hendrik Toompere Sr.

In Estonian and Russian with subtitles


Fleeing the Russian secret police, a young Estonian fencer returns to his homeland where he becomes a teacher at a local school. But when the past catches up with him, he must choose between letting his students down or putting his own life in danger. Based on the real life story of an Estonian fencer Endel Nelis, this beautiful, brilliantly understated film was Finalnd’s entry into this year’s Academy Awards.


Produced by Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg. Edited by Ueli Christen and Tambet Tasuja. Director of Photography: Tuomo Hutri. A Making Movies Oy, Allfilm, and Kick Film. From Matterhorn International.


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The Human Element


World Premiere - United States - 12 min

A film by Trevor Riley.


A young SS psychologist is charged with analyzing Jewish prisoners, but his first patient is a learned psychologist.

Wednesday, July 27 • 9:15 pm


Claire in Motion


East Coast Premiere - United States - 83 min

Written and directed by Lisa Robinson and Annie Howell.

With Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad, Memphis Bound... and Gagged), Chris Beetem, Zev Haworth, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Sakina Jaf frey.


Claire knows she is a good professor, a good mother, and a good wife. One day her husband disappears without warning, and she finds her self questioning everything she knew about him, and ultimately, about herself. Betsy Brandt gives a heartwrenching, finely nuanced performance in this film that morphs from mystery into engrossing character study dealing with loss, uncertainty, and the unknown.


Produced by Lisa Robinson, Annie Howell and Jenny Deller. Edited by Jim Isler. Director of Photography: Andreas Burgess. A Sacha Pictures film. From Visit Films.


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The Duke: Based on the Memoir

"I'm The Duke" by J.P.Duke


United States - 21 min

A film by Max Barbakow.


Mired in a concussed haze, an ex-NFLer struggles to adjust to life off the field during Super Bowl Sunday.

Thursday, July 28 • 7:00 pm


The Kind Words


Israel, Canada - 118 min

Written and directed by Shemi Zarhin.

With Rotem Zissman-Cohen, Tsahi Halevi, Assaf Ben-Shimon, and Roy Assaf.

In French and Hebrew with subtitles


Tough-minded Dorona and her two very different brothers discover startling news after the sudden death of their mother. Raised as Jewish Israeli, they now learn that their real father may have been a Muslim man from Algeria. Together with Dorona’s long-suffering husband Ricki, they travel to France to discover the truth about their mother’s past. Both poignant and hilarious, this is a must-see movie.

Produced by Osnat Handelsman-Keren, Talia Kleinhendler, Martin Paul-Hus. Edited by Einat Glaser-Zarhin. Director of Photography: Ronald Plante. From Amérique Film and Pie Films. A Strand Releasing Film.


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Australia - 4 min

In English and Italian with subtitles

A film by Venetia Taylor.


Josh is in Venice, Mum is in Sydney. Josh doesn't understand backpacking, Mum doesn't understand Skype.

Thursday, July 28 • 9:15 pm




Singapore, USA, Philippines - 87 min

Written and directed by Patrick Daly and Joel Fendelman.

With Angela Barotia, Olive Nieto, Yolanda Bermas, Prem John, Paolo O’Hara.

In Tagalog and English with subtitles


When Marie takes a job as a maid in Singapore to support her family in the Philippines, she finds she has traded one set of hardships for another. Betrayed by her selfish husband, she begins to build a new life for herself. Shot in the style of a documentary and using real domestic workers in key roles, this film beautifully captures the daily challenges domestic workers face as they toil in the background.


Produced by Patrick Daly, Joel Fendelman, Frank Hall Green, Prema Menon. Edited by Jon Hammond. Director of Photography: Teck Zee Tan. From Greenmachine Film.


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Out of the Village


New York Premiere - United States, Ghana - 17 min

In English and Akan with subtitles

A film by Jonathan Stein.


A young boy and his younger sister seek closure after Ebola ravages their West African village.

Friday, July 29 • 7:00 pm


A Month of Sundays


East Coast Premiere - Australia - 110 min

Written and directed by Matthew Saville.

With Anthony LaPaglia (Without A Trace, The Client), Julia Blake, Justine Clarke, John Clarke.


Real estate agent Frank Mollard can't move on. Divorced but still attached, he can't sell a house during a property boom—much less connect with his teenage son. One night Frank gets a phone call from his mother, which is nothing out of the ordinary. Apart from the fact that she died a year ago. An understated comedy about parents and children, houses and homes, ordinary people and improbable salvation. Because everyone deserves a second chance. Even a real estate agent.


Produced by Nick Batzias, Matthew Saville, Kirsty Stark. Edited by Ken Sallows. Director of Photography: Mark Wareham. A Madman Production Company film. From Visit Films.


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Friday, July 29 • 9:15 pm


The Innocents


France, Poland - 115 min

Directed by Anne Fontaine. Written by Pascal Bonitzer, Anne Fontaine, Sabrina B. Karine, Alice Vial and Philippe Maynial. With Lou de Laâge, Agata Kulesza (Ida), Agata Buzek (Redemption), Vincent Macaigne.

In French, Polish and Russian with subtitles


The true story of a young French Red Cross doctor who was sent to Poland in 1945 to find, treat and repatriate French survivors of the German camps. When a Polish nun shows up at the hospital begging her to come to the convent, she reluctantly relents only to discover that several of the nuns are in an advanced state of pregnancy, having been raped repeatedly by Soviet soldiers in the vicinity. An amazing story of courage and redemption in the face of brutality.


Produced by Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer. Edited by Annette Dutertre. Director of Photography: Caroline Champetier. From Mandarin Films, Aeroplan Filmm, Mars Films, France 2 Cinéma, and Scope Pictures. A Music Box Films release.


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Saturday, July 30 • 8:00 pm


A Man Called Ove


East Coast Premiere - Sweden - 116 min

Directed by Hannes Holm.

Written by Hannes Holm, Fredrik Backman.

With Rolf Lassgård, Zozan Akgün, Tobias Almborg, Ida Engvoll.

In Swedish and Persian with subtitles


Ove is the neighborhood’s resident grumpy old man. Even though he was deposed as president of the condominium association he still polices the neighborhood with an iron fist. When pregnant Parvaneh and her family move into the house opposite Ove, an accident involving his mailbox turns into an unexpected friendship. A dramatic comedy about love, family and the importance of surrounding yourself with the proper tools.


Produced by Annica Bellander, Nicklas Wikström Nicastro. Edited by Fredrik Morheden. Director of Photography: Göran Hallberg. From Nordisk Film, Tre Vänner Produktion AB. A Music Box Films release.


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