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 July 30, 2007, Stony Brook, NY -- The winners of the 12th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival were announced by film critic John Anderson at the Closing Night Awards reception at Staller Center for the Arts at Stony Brook University on Saturday evening, July 28.  Cash prizes and gifts were donated by Teachers Federal Credit Union, Renaissance Technologies, HBO, JetBlue, Friends of Staller Center, and State Bank of Long Island.


The Closing Night film, Jeffrey Blitz’s Rocket Science in its New York premiere, was chosen by Alan Inkles, Festival Director, to end the Stony Brook Film Festival. Picturehouse’s Senior Executive Vice President of Marketing and Distribution, Arthur Marblestone, and HBO’s CFO Rob Roth were among the industry notables attending. A festive Closing Night party was held on the Staller Center Main Stage with winners in attendance to receive their awards.

2007 Audience Choice Award - Best Feature

man in the chair

Written and directed by Michael Schroeder.  Produced by Michael Schroeder, Sarah Schroeder and Randy Turrow.  N.Y. Premiere at the Stony Brook Film Festival with Christopher Plummer and M. Emmet Walsh attending, along with the director, producer and editor.

2007 Jury Award - Best Feature

A family secret (Le Secret de ma mère)

Directed by Ghyslaine Côté. Written by Martin Girard and Ghyslaine Côté.  Produced by Maxime Rémillard and André Rouleau.  Courtesy of Seville Pictures.

U.S. Premiere at the Stony Brook Film Festival with Ghyslaine Côté and lead actress Ginette Reno attending the premiere.

2007 Audience Choice Award - Best Short                                          fool me once

Written and directed by Paco Farias.  Starring Sharon Lawrence. Produced by Nicholas Gonzalez.

2007 Jury Award - Best Short

My Backyard was a mountain

Written and directed by Adam Schlachter.

2007 Jury Award - Achievement in Filmmaking                               wrath of gods                                                                                                                        N.Y. Premiere. Directed by Jon Gustafsson. Written and produced by Jon Gustafsson and Karolina Lewicka.

2007 Jury Recognition                                                                         about face: the story of the jewish refugee soldiers of world war ii         

Written and directed by Steven Karras and Rose Lizarraga. Produced by Rose Lizarraga. The directors attended the festival along with World War II veterans and subjects of the film, Fritz Weinschenk and Peter Terry.

and                                                                                                             All the days before tomorrow                                                                           Written and directed by François Dompierre. Produced by François Dompierre and Kevin Leydon. François Dompierre and actor Joey Kern attended the screening along with crew, family and friends.


- Highlights of the 12th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival - 

U.S. Premieres and Christopher Plummer with Emmet Walsh at New York premiere


Opening Night featured the U.S. Premiere of A Family Secret directed by Ghyslaine Côté. Ginette Reno, a well-known French Canadian singer who acted in the film, attended the opening, participated in the Q&A, and enchanted the audience by singing a song.


Entry Level by Douglas Horn also made its U.S. Premieres.  Entry Level starred Long Island’s own D.B. Sweeney. A strong ensemble cast led by Missi Pyle, in attendance for the screening, contributed to the comedy’s successful reception.


Stony Brook was honored to have Christopher Plummer attend the screening of Man in the Chair along with M. Emmet Walsh. The actors’ entertaining remarks charmed the audience at a memorable Q&A that was a festival highlight.


Films from Canada, Israel, Germany, and the Czech Republic were well received and contributed to an eclectic Festival. Canada: A Family Secret, Who Loves the Sun, Steel Toes, Bon Cop Bad Cop, Wrath of Gods, A Sunday in Kigali.  Israel: Three Mothers (Shalosh Ima’ot), Sweet Mud (Adama Meshuga’at), Germany: Offset, The Cloud (Die Wolke). Czech Republic: Beauty in Trouble (Kráska v Nesnázich).


Stony Brook audiences enjoyed a “Lucas Hass” night, where Haas starred in two films back to back, Derek Sieg’s Swedish Auto and Matt Bissonnette’s Who Loves the Sun.

David Strathairn in Steel Toes and The Sensation of Sight treated the audience to acting at its finest.


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Cast and crew at Q&A for Man in the Chair at the Stony Brook Film Festival

Left to right: Terry Cafaro, editor; Christopher Plummer, actor; Sarah Schroeder, producer;

M. Emmet Walsh, actor; Michael Schroeder, writer/director.




Left to right: Director and co-writer Ghyslaine Côté of A Family Secret (Le Secret de ma mère) which won the July Award for Best Feature; John Anderson, film critic; and Alan Inkles, Director of the Stony Brook Film Festival.


Photo credit: Pedro Sousa.