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Film Schedule

The 2022 Stony Brook Film Festival will be held at the Staller Center for the Arts July 21-30.

Please note: Short films precede Feature films.
Second film start times are approximate.
Numbers in parentheses indicate film running times.

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Individual Film Tickets will be available for purchase on July 1, 2022.

Thursday, July 21
8:00 pm
Feature: Peaceful, 122 min, France
Short: Lentini, 11 min, United States

Friday, July 22  
7:00 pm
Feature: Olga, 95 min, Switzerland, France and Ukraine
Short: Kitchen Tales, 22 min, United Kingdom

9:30 pm
Feature: Glob Lessons, 101 min, United States
Short: Before Seven, 15 min, United Kingdom

Saturday, July 23
4:30 pm
Documentary Feature: The Jackie Stiles Story, 94 min, United States

7:00 pm
Feature: Contra, 108 min, Germany
Short: The Little Drummer Boy, 10 min, United States

9:30 pm
Feature: Peace in the Valley, 88 min, United States
Short: Elevate, 15 min, United States

Sunday, July 24
4:30 pm
Documentary Feature: Nasima, 85 min, United States/Bangladesh

7:00 pm
Feature: Berenshtein, 110 min, Israel and Ukraine
Short: The Switcheroo, 10 min, United States

9:30 pm
Feature:This is a Film About My Mother, 60 min, United States
Short: North Star, 30 min, United States

Monday, July 25
7:00 pm
Feature: Hit the Road, 93 min, Iran
Short: Summer of Bees, 23 min, Finland

9:30 pm
Feature: Seokkarae, 96 min, Republic of Korea
Short: Saving Elodie, 11 min, United Kingdom

Tuesday, July 26
7:00 pm
Feature: Hard Shell, Soft Shell, 99 min, France
Short: Almost Winter, 14 min, United States

9:30 pm
Feature: The Justice of Bunny King, 101 min, New Zealand
Short: The Dress, 10 min, United States

Wednesday, July 27
7:00 pm
Feature: Image of Victory, 128 min, Israel
Short: Milk, 9 min, United Kingdom

9:30 pm
Feature: The Test, 85 min, France
Short: Free Fall, 19 min, France

Thursday, July 28
7:00 pm
Feature: Haute Couture, 100 min, France
Short: Jungle, 15 min, Australia

9:30 pm
Feature: Sons of the Sea, 82 min, South Africa
Short: Ousmane, 25 min, Canada

Friday, July 29
7:00 pm
Feature: Vera Dreams of the Sea, 82 min, Kosovo, Albania, and Republic of Macedonia
Short: All That Glitters, 23 min, United Kingdom

9:30 pm
Feature: Black Box, 129 min, France and Belgium
Short: Aysha, 13 min, Germany

Saturday, July 30
8:00 pm
Feature: Lost Transport, 101 min, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany
Short: Mila, 20 min, United States

10:30 pm

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Covid Guidelines

Please note that the Staller Center is committed to your safety and will be following CDC, State, and University guidelines regarding health & safety protocols.   All patrons will be required to comply with the guidelines in place at the time of the event.  All ticket and passholders will receive communication prior to the Festival for updated protocols. 

At this time masks are encouraged, but not required.   
We do not require proof of vaccine.