TestimonialsFilmmaker Testimonials “loved this festival—the format, the people behind it, fellow filmmakers and the lengths that the organisers go to in making filmmakers feel welcome, including accommodation in a beautiful harbour side hotel in long island. extremely well attended by an audience that's clearly very passionate about film and the cinema space itself is huge. it was a privilege to screen there and very much hope to be back with a feature in the not too distant future!” - James morgan, director, Seven “crazy honored by Stony Brook Film Festival— #thesoundingfilm won the jury award for best feature from a host of amazing films by incredible filmmakers! the curation of the festival was visionary and the filmmakers were treated like royalty—our entire team was so grateful thank you #SBFF2017! immensely proud!” - catherine eaton, writer & director, The Sounding “Stony Brook Film Festival is an incredibly well curated and intelligent film festival. Supremely well run and organized, each film is shown once in a giant, state of the art theater to a routinely packed crowd. Set in one of the most beautiful towns on long island and backed by a powerhouse university, the audiences are really smart and very welcoming. don't miss this festival!" - Todd wider, director, To the Edge of the Sky “thank you so much for the award and for your wonderful support for our movie. our illustrious producer arthur cohn was simply blown away by the Stony Brook response. you really run one helluva festival! “ - Brian cox, Actor, The Estruscan Smile Audience Testimonials “For years my wife and i have been Stony Brook Film Festival fans, and for us it’s definitely a Summer highlight. If you love movies, the Stony Brook Film Festival is for you. each year the Festival staff pre- screens more than a thousand entries so that we can enjoy ten days filled with films that make you laugh and touch your heart. appearances by the filmmakers and actors enhance the experience and allow you to see movies from the inside out.” - Jerry S. “Love Indie Film! Cannes...too far! Sundance...too cold! Tribeca...too crowded! Stony Brook Film Festival... Local, lovely, lots of fun, very festive, inspired, interesting & intimate!” - eddie S. “loved this Festival” “crazy honored” “one helluva Festival”
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