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Alan Inkles

Katie Stockhammer
Financial Director

Patrick Kelly
Director of Operations

Elizabeth Silver
Production Manager

Kent Marks
Contracts Administrator

Samantha Clink
Marketing/Public Relations

Paul Newland
Outreach Director


Daria Carioscia


Karen Levitov
Director and Curator
Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery


Tim Hautle
House Manager/
Building Manager

Elizabeth Lamendola
Production Coordinator

Megan Metelenis
Box Office Manager

Georgia LaMair
Gallery Associate
Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery





Main Office: (631) 632-7235 -  email:

Box Office: (631) 632-2787 -

Friends of Staller: (631) 632-7232 -

House Manager: (631) 632-1184

Corporate Sponsorships: (631) 632-7232