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Producers Circle

In addition to our Sponsors, donors to the Stony Brook Film Festival help fund vital projects and initiatives which go directly into the creation and development of the Stony Brook Film Festival.

The Producers Circle is a special fund which was created specifically to support the needs of putting together this Festival which benefits our community, campus, students as well as the talented filmmakers.  

If you are a fan of the Stony Brook Film Festival we would be grateful for your generosity which is critical to our success.  Your donations help to cover everything from screening fees to production costs to marketing efforts and much more.      

Become part of the Stony Brook Film Festival Producer’s Circle by making a tax-deductible donation and a help to continue this 26 year tradition. 

Thanks to:

Eddie Alfano
Michael Ardolino, Team Ardolino - Realty Connect USA
Lalit & Kavita Bahl
Elizabeth Barton
Loren & Patric Brennan
Ann Brody & Gary Marker
Tom and Lee Cassidy
Ruth DesRoches
Anna Marie de Leyer
Bob & Ellen Gaffney
Leith & John Hill
Lynn Spinnato & Benjamin Hsiao
Marcia & Mario Montoya
Guy & Liz Miller
The Family of Michaeline & George J. Nugent
Yusuf Hannun & Lina Obeid  
Lisa Pastore
Rob & Linda Roth
Gloria & Mark Snyder
Cary & Marisela Staller
Erwin & Freddie Staller
Phyllis Sterne
Stony Brook Cancer Center
The Subject - Lanie Zipoy
Richard H. Warren

Join this IMPRESSIVE list:

You can make a difference, and keep artistic cinema alive!    

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